The Process

Our process is very flexible, you can jump on board at any stage and we will tailor our scope of services and expertise to meet your requirements.

collaborate &
get excited

  • Discuss the brief
  • Get together with all stakeholders & experts on the team
  • Facilitate progressive think tanks
  • Determine what ROI is required

Unlock &
plan your
sites potential

  • Site immersion
  • Review existing or new plans
  • Discover spatial opportunities
  • Rooftops, lanes, backfilling exiting majors
  • Examine food collectives and short lease clusters
  • Entry, exit & circulation strengths

Profile your
consumer &
market potential

  • Conduct or review research & analytics
  • Profile the existing and emerging customers
  • Review the target market and competition
  • Highlight the opportunity to grow – F&B ratio
  • Devise a short & sharp strategy
  • Compare the strategy with ROI and align

Create your
unique food

  • Develop an over-arching concept or theme
  • Provide design, layout for F&B outlets within the theme
  • Allocate the GLA into optimal number of tenancies, sizes and location
  • Include place-making features relevant to the theme & demographic
  • Ensure the numbers ‘stack-up’ with ROI

Deliver the
project vision

  • Procure the best F&B operators & artisans
  • Undertake the leasing (optional)
  • Work with operators to craft their concept to fit the concept theme
  • Provide tenancy design reviews to ensure operational standards & conceptual synergy
  • Workshops with F&B operators to communicate and maintain the timeline
  • Manage the tenancy fit out and branding process from build to opening day

Create your unique food story with The Food Curator