Leisure Precincts

Consumer expectations for ‘experential’ and ‘immersive’ experiences highlights the need for excitement and synergy when developing entertainment and leisure precincts. The food curation needs to be equally engaging offering fast and slower dining options infused with theatre and wonderment.

Things we do

  • Review and profile the demograpic and market potential, their needs, aspirations & trends
  • Discover the best locations for food engagement, output volumes and peak visitation
  • Create an innovative, unique F&B concept, providing a signature food experience with the right ratio of leading fast and slow food concepts
  • Block plan the tenancy configuration for specific concept styles: indoor-outdoor dining, rooftops, terraces & pavillions, floating restaurants and pop-up carts
  • Nominate the cuisine concepts to fulfill your signature F&B concept and secure the best F&B operators to deliver the vision
  • Manage and co-ordinate the process for F&B operators from lease to store opening

Create your unique food story with The Food Curator