Residential Developments

Creating a residential food and retail amenity relys on various critical success factors. We understand the value for the development and the residents to showcase a ‘unique lifestyle’ purchase.

Things we do

  • Review and profile the building population, their needs, aspirations & trends
  • Calculate F&B spend, maximum number of tenancies, sizes and locations
  • Review the spatial opportunities, travel paths for activated food engagement
  • Highlight the day versus night potential
  • Create an innovative, unique F&B concept, examining the viability of the latest fresh food & convenience, cafe & dining, retail services, urban farms & markets
  • Review the plans to ensure tenancies project the best spatial plan for F&B engagement
  • Nominate the cuisine concepts to fulfill the lobby concept
  • Secure the best F&B operators to deliver the vision

Create your unique food story with The Food Curator