Transport Hubs

Air and rail transport hubs require food and beverage to respond to volume and speed for the commuter. There are specific concepts that fill this role, meeting those needs, particulalry during peak hour commutes.

Things we do

  • Review and profile the commuter, their needs, aspirations & trends
  • Calculate F&B spend, foot traffic, maximum number of tenancies, sizes and locations
  • Review the spatial opportunities, travel paths for activated food engagement
  • Create an innovative, unique F&B concept, providing a fresh experience based on global trends
  • Block plan the tenancy configuration for specific concept styles: dine at the bar kiosks, coffee windows, mezzanine or double height, street front, espresso bars, under escalator, grab and go options
  • Nominate the cuisine concepts to fulfill the transport hub concept
  • Secure the best F&B operators to deliver the vision

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